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Presidentís Annual Report


  1. Finalizing the Procedural Document. Providing access to the document to Committee Chairs & membership.
  2. Overseeing the formalization of the Auditorís role & auditing procedures.

  3. Reviewing the financial goals of the organization. Investigate options for investing organizationís funds and provide recommendations to the Board, if applicable.

  4. Review print items distributed to the membership and Board members. Recommend and facilitate transition to Groupís web site as appropriate.


  1. Procedural Document is available in Draft form to the all members of the Group via the MDMLG web site. The Document will be finalized at the Boardís transition meeting after the change of Committee Chairs so as to be able to review the Documentís functionality.
  2. The Auditorís role and responsibility has been delineated in the Procedural Document with the current Auditorís, Patty Scholl, help. Auditing guidelines have been drawn up and accepted by the Board.
  3. Andrea Rogers conducted a study of similar organizations and their practices re finances. A report and recommendations will be presented to the Board. Discussion and a final decision will follow.
  4. Several items previously distributed to the membership in a print form will appear on the Groupís web site. Posting on the web site is not intended to replace distribution of items to the Group at Business Meeting, but to augment access to the material to all members. Items posted on the web include, Treasurerís Report, Minutes of Business Meetings, Minutes of Board Meetings.


Beth Salzwedel
MDMLG President