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Annual Report of the Public Relations Executive Board Member

The position of Executive Board Member for Public Relations was new for this fiscal year. The position was created based on revisions to the reporting structure of MDMLG, which were approved by the membership on June 17, 1999.

Public Relations mailed a copy of the annual MDMLG directory to all individual and institutional members at the beginning of the fiscal year. Welcome packages with information about MDMLG were also mailed to all new members joining the organization in 1999/2000.

The Public Relations Board Member, or their designate, staffed the hospitality desk at all regular MDMLG membership meetings during the year. There were four membership meetings at which 170 MDMLG members and non-members attended.

All available health science librarian positions in Southeastern Michigan, that were brought to the attention of Public Relations, were posted to the MDMLG Listserv and forwarded to the MDMLG webmaster, to be posted on the MDMLG web site.

Submitted by,

 Keir Reavie