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Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group
Ad Hoc Committee on Salaries & Benefits
FY 1999/2000


Diana Balint
Sandra Studebaker, Chair


Assess current marketplace salaries and benefits among member hospital/health sciences libraries in Metropolitan Detroit.


  • Survey institutional members for current wage and benefits data - completed
  • Aggregate the data collected - in process
  • Prepare and distribute pertinent reports - pending


  1. Committee members continued informal information gathering on salary surveys and discussion of survey procedures. Communication was by e-mail and telephone.
  2. Last year’s survey form was revised to allow inclusion of minimal educational and experience qualifications for each job title and a field was added for zip code. The cover letter was also revised for clarity, minor changes in the return procedure, and inclusion of pertinent references.
  3. The survey was mailed to forty (40) hospital-based institutional members in Metropolitan Detroit and Windsor on April 1 with a requested deadline of April 15. Twenty-three (23) were completed and returned. This compares to 40 sent and 21 returned in the 1999 survey of the same population.
  4. Data entry from the survey responses is in process.
  5. A detailed report will be prepared in June for distribution to the MDMLG Board and to MDMLG institutional members.
  6. The Committee will submit final recommendations regarding its charge to the Board at its summer transitional meeting.
  7. Expenses for stationery, reproduction, and distribution of the survey and follow-up reports are being absorbed by committee members and/or their respective institutions.

Submitted by,

Sandra A. Studebaker, MSLS, AHIP
May 23, 2000