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MDMLG Webmaster
Annual Report 1999-2000


Maintain a listserv for MDMLG members and other interested parties.

Maintain an informational web page for MDMLG.

Register  as a domain name on the Internet.

Evaluate the options and chose new server(s) for the listserv and web page.

Committee Members:

Alexia Estabrook (July 1999 - March 2000)
Valerie Reid (March - June 2000)


The URL  was registered with Network Solutions in September 1999 as a domain name for two years, at which time it can be renewed.

A new Internet Service Provider (ISP) was selected in September 1999 - .

A new listserv host was selected in September 1999 -

Two listservs were established:

--MDMLG-L - a general listserv for all MDMLG members and others interested in MDMLG;

--MDMLGBD-L - the listserv for all MDMLG Executive Board members and Committee Chairs.

Four issues of the MDMLG Newsletter (September 1999, November 1999, February 2000, and April 2000) were published on the MDMLG web site -- . The June 2000 issue will be published shortly. A text-only version of the Newsletter was also developed.

The MDMLG Board Procedural Document was added to the Members-Only portion of the web site.

The MDMLG Membership Form was updated and made available on the web site.

The Announcements for the MDMLG Programs were put on the web site, along with the maps / directions to each location. In addition, the Announcement for the QuickDoc Workshop was included-.

The Meeting Minutes for both the General Membership Meetings and the Executive Board Meetings for this fiscal year were mounted on the Members-Only portion of the web site -- .

The Treasurer's Report for February was put on the web site -- . Future developments include adding all the Treasurer's Reports for this fiscal year.

The MDMLG Web Directory was updated with current information obtained from the MDMLG Membership Committee -- .

All current MDMLG members were added to the MDMLG-L listserv.

All MDMLG members with Michigan Library Consortium email addresses were contacted. The MDMLG Web Directory was updated along with their subscription(s) to the MDMLG listservs.

Work Yet To Be Accomplished:

Mount the June 2000 issue of the MDMLG Newsletter.

Add the remaining Treasurer's Reports for the 1999-2000 fiscal year.

Update the MDMLG Web Directory in July / August 2000 once the membership renewals have been received. In addition to the HTML format, the Directory will also be mounted in PDF format.

Develop a web-based Program Evaluation Form for the General Membership Meetings.

Add the MDMLG stationery to the web site.

Submitted By,

Valerie L. Reid
MDMLG Webmaster
May 23, 2000