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MDMLG Sponsored The Race For The Cure

A Note from Team Captain Sandra Studebaker

The 10th annual Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure is, as they say, history.  I hope that
everyone on Team MDMLG / Jeannie's Pals had an enjoyable and/or rewarding experience in this
year's event given the new venue in Detroit and less than ideal weather conditions. Thank you to the rain god for withholding the heavy stuff until after everything was over.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the walk or helped out in other ways. Thanks to the
Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group for sponsoring the team and, especially, to Barbara
Platts, current MDMLG President, for her part in conceiving, planning, and executing a new venture
for the Group.

Thanks, also, to the teamwork displayed by MDMLG colleagues who stayed after business hours to turn poster board, paint, duct tape, 6-foot-long sticks, and one person's mental picture of the finished product into five rather impressive double-sided signs. The 20" x 30" signs--two Ms, one D, one L, and one G--came to life under the caring hands of Andrea, Audrey, Barb, Carol, Jill, Misa, and Mary, alias the "tool guy." While the finished letters were seldom, if ever, in left-to-right order, prior to, and during their progression along Woodward Avenue, the signs did provide unique visibility for our little group in the vast sea of humanity around us.

Thanks to Jill VanBuskirk for "just-in-time" production of the letter-sized, photo-enhanced signs, in color, that each member of the MDMLG / Jeannie's Pals team wore on his/her back to indicate the person(s) being honored in the Race for the Cure for cancer. 

Thanks to Pam Young, good friend of MDMLG colleague Jean Brennan, for her enthusiastic support of the idea for a team walk to continue Jeanne's annual tradition, and for her assistance in coordinating the Jeannie's Pals half of the team. 

A special thanks to Laurie McPhee, Jeanne's neighbor, who offered herself and her house as a centralized location for distribution of team member packets, and to Suzanne, Marilyn, and others who served as couriers to distribute packets to other far-flung team members.

To anyone I may not have mentioned, but should have, thank you, too. It was a challenge to integrate two diverse groups with differing motivations into a single team, and more work than I envisioned, but, in retrospect, the learning experience and the end result has been worth the effort.  And, I know that Jeanne was pleased that friends and colleagues were planning to support a worthwhile cause this year in her memory.

Team Captain,

Sandra A. Studebaker, MSLS
(810) 293-0162


At the conclusion of the sign-making session at Bon Secours Hospital.  Left to right:  Barb Platts, Audrey Bondar, Andrea Rodgers, Carol Attar and Sandra Studebaker. 

MDMLG Race For The Cure Team Members gathered at the Millennium Bell 
in Grand Circus Park prior to the start of the Race.

For further information about the event, you can visit the Detroit Race For The Cure web page.