Communications Committee Annual Report



  1. Coordinate and facilitate communications between MDMLG members.
  2. Publish an issue of the MDMLG News on the MDMLG web site before each general business meeting and summer luncheon.
  3. Meet all schedule deadlines to have the newsletter available on the web two weeks before each meeting.
  4. Oversee the MDMLG web site as a communication vehicle of the membership.

Committee Members

Carol Attar 
Gay Byrnes 
Bridget Faricy 
Helen Koustova
Maureen LeLacheur
Valerie Reid, web master
Sue Skoglund, chair


  1. Five issues of the newsletter were published on the web site within the deadline.
  2. Added more graphics to the newsletter, including a standing one for Announcements.
  3. Added committee members’ names and e-mail addresses at the end of each issue of the newsletter.
  4. Began a series of articles on MDMLG members – new members, old timers, mystery profile, alternative careers and unusual things our members do.
  5. Made a concerted effort to include pictures of members whenever possible.
  6. Published several extensive articles on topics such as bioterrorism, non-medical reference in a medical library, HIPAA, copyright law update, and toxicology resources.
  7. Several changes were made by our web master to improve the appearance of the newsletter. See the Web Master’s report for further details.


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