Public Relations Committee Annual Report



1. Promote MDMLG activities and services to the local library schools, public libraries, health professional organizations

2. Redefine the responsibilities of MDMLG Public Relations Board Member.

3. Update the promotional brochure describing MDMLG and its services for distribution to prospective members.

4. Develop outreach programs delivered to library schools, public libraries, community organizations, health professional organizations, health care organizations/associations.

Committee Members

Misa Mi, Chair
Mary Carr
Daria Drobny
Laura Lewis


1. Emailed the welcome package to new MDMLG members during Gina Hug’ maternal leave. The package included a welcome letter, MDMLG brochure, website address, and password/userid for Members Only section.

2. Emailed MDMLG meeting information to mailing lists of Michigan libraries and library students and publicized the availability of new jobs on the web site.

3. Revised the goals/objectives for the 2001-2002; prioritized the goals/objectives and identified outreach and promoting our profession as the specific area to be addressed this year.

4. Devised/designed a new MDMLG brochure and sent it out to all members for review and distribution; emailed the brochure in pdf format to mailing lists of Michigan librarians or libraries to promote the organization. Our web master, Valerie Reid, made it available to anyone by loading it on the website.

5. Worked on developing a speaker's bureau for the purpose of providing outreach programs, workshops and training seminars to the community, health professional organizations, public libraries and library students; developed a survey tool to gain MDMLG members’consensus and input. A gift certificate was awarded to a raffle-drawing winner as a participation prize.

In Progress

1. Creating a list of tentative course topics and potential MDMLG presenters.

2. Designing course descriptions and defining objectives of each class which MDMLG member are contemplating in teaching.

MDMLG Public Relations Committee
May 14, 2002


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