Sample Customer Service Standards



Hospital 1

Be friendly to customers
Anticipate and respond to customers’ needs
Keep customers informed
Treat customers with respect
Provide a comfortable and pleasant environment


Hospital 2

  1. I will introduce my first name and department and ask "How may I help you?" with ph phone calls and face-to-face greetings.
  2. With phone calls, I will a) Request permission from the caller before putting the per person on hold b) Check back with the caller periodically while on hold c) Provide the caller with the correct number before transferring
  3. I will ask if someone needs help if they appear lost.
  4. My conversations with co-workers will be appropriate and professional in the presence of patients and visitors.
  5. I will respect patient/employee confidentiality by ensuring verbal and written information is communicated in a private area.
  6. To express concerns for customer needs, I will ask "Is there anything else I can do for you?" before ending the customer interaction.
  7. I will explain delays and apologize for problems and inconveniences.
  8. Unless safety is jeopardized, I will be sure my ID badge is visible at all times.
  9. I will offer to help out even when it is not my area of responsibility.
  10. I will take pride and responsibility for helping to improve clutter or garbage on a daily basis.


Botsford Hospital
Library Customer Service Policy

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