Joint MDMLG / SEMCME Project


About the Project

  • MDMLG members have been working with SEMCME members (Southeastern Michigan Center for Medical ELducation) since 2021 to create their Quality Library Forum website.

Access the SEMCME QI Library

What Each of You Can Do

  • We need your help from all MDMLG members! Submit relevant journal articles on any aspect of quality! Please take time to submit additional articles for inclusion on this website. When you come across any relevant journal article, document or website in your daily work, email them to Valerie Reid and I'll forward them to the SEMCME Team.

  • Take a look at the Quality Library Forum website to see the categories and the types of articles that are inclued.

  • Are you interested in joining the MDMLG team to be more involved with this project?  If so, contact Valerie Reid at Webmaster@MDMLG.org

MDMLG / SEMCME Team Members

  • Elizabeth Bucciarelli
    Eastern Michigan University
    Current MDMLG President

  • Bethany Figg
    Central Michigan University, Medical Education Partners

  • Margaret Hoogland
    University of Toledo

  • JoAnn Krzeminski
    Henry Ford Hospital

  • Courtney Mandarino
    Corewell (Beaumont) Hospital-Royal Oak

  • Misa Mi
    Oakland University School of Medicine

  • Janet Zimmerman
    Corewell (Beaumont) Hospital-Royal Oak

  • Valerie Reid, Chair

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