Communications Committee Annual Report - 2003-2004


Committee Members 

Julie Mullenmeister 
Marie-Lise Shams 
Sheryl Stevens 
Val Reid, webmaster
Christina Wallace
Jennifer Bowen
Carla Caretto, chair


  1. Coordinate and facilitate communications between MDMLG members
  2. Publish an issue of the MDMLG News on the MDMLG website before each general membership meeting and summer luncheon
  3. Meet all scheduled deadlines to have the newsletter available on the web two weeks before each meeting
  4. Oversee the MDMLG website as a communication vehicle of the membership


  1. Five issues of the newsletter were published on the website within the deadline.
  2. Continued to provide information about new members
  3. Whenever possible, included photos of members and biographical information about speakers.
  4. Determined that committee members’ digital cameras or "disposal" digital cameras would be the most cost effective way to add photographs to the newsletter.
  5. Published a series of articles on technical issues such as web design, web content from databases and metadata.
  6. See the webmaster’s report for further details.


Respectfully submitted,

Carla Caretto, Chair
June 9, 2004


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