President's Annual Report - 2004-2005


Goals and Objectives:

Work with the Program and CE committees in order to continue to provide excellent professional growth opportunities despite the decrease in the number of meetings we are holding this year.

Evaluate of effectiveness of our programs after holding fewer meetings (four Board meetings and four general business meetings per year).

Set up a Bylaws Committee to revise the terms of office and suggest other appropriate changes to the bylaws for a vote in September.

Review the ethical ramifications of vendor support for Programming and Continuing professional development

Maintain the professional status of the MDMLG listserv

Encourage broader participation in the association by the membership

Study the feasibility of adjusting the voting board position to include communication as well as public relations

Consider the benefits of incorporating MDMLG.

Provide support for the Library Education program at WSU by offering opportunities to students in the health science library field


This has been a sad year in many ways.  The loss of two of our members, Hildegard Joseph and Maureen LeLacheur came as a shock.  And the loss of two hospital libraries was also keenly felt as medical librarians learn to face a new future filled with possibilities and uncertainties.

Letters were sent to Dean Sandra Yee and Mr. Duggan, DMC CEO, expressing MDMLG’s concern over the decision to close Harper and Receiving Hospital libraries for economic reasons. 

As an organization, we are now officially incorporated.  This will protect our organization and board members as well as give us more official status in the library community. We have new bylaws which reflect the new needs of our membership as well as a new schedule of meetings.  We are placing more emphasis on learning from each other while responding to the increasing restrictions on time to attend meetings and participate in activities. 

The Bylaws and Procedural documents were reviewed, revised and amended to meet the desires of the membership.  We will have fewer scheduled meetings each year and the Board officers (except for President) will serve terms of 2 years instead of three.

The year’s activities were fewer but were well attended and of excellent caliber.  I believe the experiment of fewer meetings worked well for everyone.  We continue to ‘stay in touch’ with each other through the web site, listerv, and newsletter issues.

Another minor change was the elimination of the Communications Committee.  We will instead have two committees, one for the newsletter with the Editor as chair of that committee and the other website committee with the Webmaster as chair.  Both these activities are so important that the Board felt it was easier on both these positions if they were separated.

One of the best achievements this year was the institution of a scholarship for a WSU library student who is considering the medical library field.  The goal is to encourage high caliber students to enter this field and to participate in MDMLG as a student member.  In this way the students will learn about the issues facing libraries in the field, and for us it is an opportunity to learn new approaches to issues from those just beginning their library career.  We had great participation from students and Jill Turner was selected..

Statements from the president were included in the quarterly newsletters

Sandra Martin was appointed as the representative from MHSLA and MDMLG for the 2008 Midwest MLA conference scheduled to be held here in Detroit.

T. Janik as past president surveyed the members regarding the vendors we all use and we discovered the range and variety was great.  No single vendor has the business of all members revealing a diverse group with diverse needs.


Respectfully submitted

Karen Tubolino
President MDMLG
June 2005


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