MDMLG President Annual Report - 2005-2006

Promotion of MDMLG Health Sciences Award

The following MDMLG Board meetings were held:

August 10, 2005 , Oakwood Southshore Medical Center , Trenton , MI. Transitional meeting.
November 10, 2005 , Oakwood Southshore Medical Center , Trenton , MI .
February 16, 2006 , electronic meeting.
March 16, 2006 , Oakwood Southshore Medical Center , Trenton , MI .
May 11, 2006 , Oakwood Southshore Medical Center , Trenton , MI .

The following MDMLG General Business meetings were held:

September 8, 2005 , Rehabilitation Institute, Detroit , MI .
December 8, 2005 , Providence Hospital , Southfield MI
March 24, 2006 , Business meeting and CE class, Troy Marriott.
June 8, 2006 , Annual Summer Luncheon, Cranbrook Institute, Bloomfield Hills , MI .


  1. Continued struggles with the position of Secretary. Manual was retrieved. Member Lynda Baker has agreed to fulfill the remainder of the term until the next election.
  2. Contact with Channel 56 regarding possible ‘health forum'. Matter tabled.
  3. Coordination of information with MHSLA President Arlene Weismantel regarding planning for the year 2008 Midwest/MLA annual conference.
  4. Attended the presentation of scholarships at Wayne State University where the MDMLG scholarship was awarded to member Diane Gardner. Also present were Doris Blauet, Pat Vinson, and Lynda Baker.
  5. Provided an article to each issue of the newsletter.
  6. Attempted, coordinated, and finalized an electronic Board meeting wherein all Board members were to submit their report to the listserv and respond to comment, if any. Due to limits of the technology in place, the meeting was not well received and a physical Board meeting was held 30 days later.
  7. Maintained and updated the President's manual and the Secretary manual in lieu of an official Secretary.


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