Public Relations Annual Report - 2002-2003



  1. Promote MDMLG activities and services to the local library schools, public libraries, health professional organizations
  2. Develop new logo for MDMLG.
  3. Develop outreach programs delivered to library schools, public libraries, community organizations, health professional organizations, and healthcare organizations/associations.

Committee Members

Chair, Misa Mi
Members, Mary Carr, Daria Drobny, Gina Hug, Laura Lewis, Carol Vandenberg


  1. Mail the MDMLG welcome package to new members.
  2. Mail MDMLG membership recruitment letters to Michigan academic, public libraries and other type of libraries and organizations.
  3. Staff the hospitality table and volunteer at the state or local meetings.
  4. Receive and disseminate information about job openings in health science libraries.
  5. Design the new MDMLG logo and reveal it at the Summer Luncheon.
  6. Complete the course description of the MDMLG Education Outreach program and construct a web page to promote the program.
  7. Design a flyer to promote the education outreach program and distribute it to the members at the Summer Luncheon.

In Progress

  1. Distribute the outreach program flyer to the general public, public libraries, health professional organizations, etc.
  2. Identify other activities and programs to promote medical librarianship and MDMLG and to reach out to health consumers.


MDMLG Public Relations Committee

June 13, 2003


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