Public Relations Annual Report - 2003-2004



  1. Working with the MDMLG webmaster, develop a web page for consumer health.
  2. Develop/design courses to teach consumers health information literacy.
  3. Develop and promote educational outreach program to the general public.
  4. Identify and contact potential personal and institutional members and provide them with information regarding MDMLG activities.
  5. Promote MDMLG activities and services.

Committee Members

Gina Hug
Laura Lewis,
Carol Vandenberg 
Chair, Misa Mi


  1. Designed a web page of consumer health information resources as a mean to reach out to health consumers.
  2. Developed a course outline to support MDMLG members' efforts to teach consumers health information searching skills. 
  3. Created a web page listing the MDMLG outreach education programs.
  4. Mailed the MDMLG welcome package to new members.
  5. Received and disseminated information about job openings in health science libraries.
  6. Designed a poster to promote MDMLG as an organization, its mission, activities and members and displayed it at the 2003 Michigan Health Sciences Annual Conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Misa Mi, Chair
June 15, 2004


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