MDMLG Public Relations Annual Report - 2006-2007

Promotion of MDMLG Health Sciences Award

2005/2006 OBJECTIVES

  • Promote MDMLG activities and services
  • Continue to identify and contact potential personal and institutional members providing them with information regarding MDMLG activities.
  • Maintain currently established Public Relation Committee programs


  1. Provided an updated poster and newsletter of MDMLG activities for the 2006 MHSLA Conference Poster Session
  2. Provided photos of MDMLG meetings and the MHSLA Conference for the MDMLG Photo Gallery
  3. Updated the Job Bank
  4. Updated the list of Recent Publications by MDMLG members, which was presented at the 2006 MHSLA Conference
  5. Promoted MDMLG membership to WSU LISP health science classes, both Fall and Winter terms
  6. Coordinated activities for the 2007 Wayne State University Student Award application and selection process. The 2007 recipient was Heidi Schroeder

Submitted by:

Patricia Vinson, chair
Public Relations Committee


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