MDMLG Blog Policy


The MDMLG Blog was created to make posting announcements easier, to add an additional communication and collaboration tool for our association, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among our members. To that end the following policies have been developed and implemented by the MDMLG Executive Board. The policy will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary.

The MDMLG Blog is located at http://www.mdmlg.org . Blogspot is used to create the blog - http://www.blogspot.com.


Contributors to the MDMLG blog will include:

  • MDMLG Executive Board Members
  • MDMLG Committee Chairs and / or their designee
  • MDMLG Web Master
  • Other MDMLG Members as approved

The list of contributors will be reviewed annually and revised as appropriate.


Posts to the MDMLG blog must be library or association related. Posts need not be limited to medical libraries or librarianship.

A post may be editorial in nature as long as it is related to the library field.

Posts may contain information found on another blog or web site. In such an instance a link to the original source must be included in the MDMLG post.

Threads from the MDMLG listserv may be, with permission of the people involved, summarized and posted on the MDMLG blog.

Posts may be product or company announcements if the product or company in question is one normally utilized by libraries.

Posts regarding technology are considered related to librarianship even if the technology is not a direct library technology (i.e. - PDAs, productivity software).


Only MDMLG members may comment. Comments from non-MDMLG members may be approved if they answer questions posed by a member in a posting or a comment, or if they are otherwise library-related and appropriate.

Members do not need a Blogspot (or other blog service) account to post.

Members cannot post anonymously.

Comments will be moderated to ensure that the rules are followed.

Comments must remain on topic to the post. Comments not holding to this will be removed. If warranted, the comment may be posted as a regular post, and the commenter will be given credit as the author.

Comments shall not contain flames or personal attacks. Commenters who violate this policy may be banned from further commenting.

Comment Spam from outside entities will not be tolerated and their IP address will be banned from our site.


The MDMLG Blog will be reviewed month by the MDMLG Webmaster, and the postings which are out-of-date will be removed.


Developed February 2006
Approved by the MDMLG Executive Board March 16, 2006
Updated April 26, 2010


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