Newsletter Committee Goals & Objectives 2006-2007


Newsletter Committee Goals and Objectives 2006-2007

  1. Publish 4 issues of the MDMLG newsletter.
  2. Have a PDF version of each issue mounted on the MDMLG website 2 weeks before each General Business Meeting.
  3. Publish timely, informative articles in a readable and attractive format.
  4. Update the newsletter committee binder.
  5. Submit appropriate materials to the Archives.

Committee Roster 2006-2007

Gina Hug
Juliet Mullenmeister
Patty Scholl
Jill Turner
JoAnn Krzeminski (chair)
Valerie Reid (webmaster)

Committee Report

In addition to Patty Scholl, Juliet Mullenmeister, JoAnn Krzeminski, and Valerie Reid, the Newsletter Committee is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new members Jill Turner and Gina Hug. The Committee is on track preparing the fall issue which will be on the MDMLG website by August 25, 2006.


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